Platform of European genomic and genetic data on pine

Pinus Portal provides access to various databases regarding genetic and genomic resources and information. It includes also a dynamic user interface allowing the submission of complex queries across all data bases (Global Search). Additionally a static section of the portal is devoted to general information of the genus Pinus.

Pinus Portal is plugged on the Evoltree eLab (electronic Lab) cache system developed by Dieter Kopecky and Johanna Schmidt from the Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH.

Pinus Portal, with its integrated information, allows to view genetic and genomic resources using two ways : an access to multiple databases from a single portal and a submission of complex query across all databases, with different concepts to query databases. Databases are regularly supplied and the connection to the Evoltree eLab cache system eases the search for biological relevant responses.


We acknowledge the contributions of biogeco staff and other colleagues who populated the databases by sharing their data and/or programms (Emilie Chancerel, Hélène Lagraulet, Christophe Plomion, Jeffrey Endelman).